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How To Put Eyelashes | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

How To Put Eyelashes | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

How To Put Eyelashes 

How to Put Fake Eyelashes With in 5 Minutes

Every girl wants long, luscious, sexy eyelashes but everyone is not blessed with super natural eyelashes. I, myself, have been playing with fake lashes for quite a while and have come up with a few tips on how to put them on quickly and successfully.
The whole process will not take more then 5 minutes once you get a hang of it, so using fake lashes is definitely a fast and easy way to instantly brighten up your eyes for a day of shopping ,Party or Dating.

Steps How To put Eyelashes

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1:         Make sure that your natural eyelashes are neat and clean after that Coat your natural eyelashes with mascara.
(First coat of mascara helps to hold the fake Eyelashes with natural lashes)
2:        Mostly people have to snip the fake lashes before putting on the eyes, because normally the fake lashes are to long. Measure the Fake lashes to your own eyes. Cut the lashes exact to your natural lashes/eyes.Snipping side should be placed at the end of your eyes.
You don’t need to snip fake eyelashes if you are blessed with the super wide eyes.
3:     Lash Glue :    This glue is included inside the box and is a very light glue that dries like rubber. You can actually easily peel it off with your fingers when it’s dried. It is white in color when it is wet but will dry transparent.
Don’t be greedy because you don’t want a thick line of transparent rubber on your lid when it’s dried. After applying the glue one, wait at least a few seconds for it to become semi-dry and sticky.

 Use your index fingers to gently press the glued lash line onto your natural lash line, starting from the end of your      eye towards the front.
4:       “Blending” fake and natural lashes together
This will ensure that your fake lashes will be stuck together with the natural Eyelashes, End result will look more natural.
Now you can see the difference.You are looking so charming……Hey dont forget to do the eye.
Haha. Look at the difference! Now, don’t forget to do the other eye!
5:          Put another coat of mascara onto the fake lashes after you are done with both eyes. This will make the fake lashes look more like your own.
Don’t forget to clean your lash crimper after as some of your mascara will get onto it.
You’re done!

How To Remove Fake Eyelashes

When you came back to your home and want to remove the fake Eyelashes. You should follow the instructions to remove the lashes.
You can now do some last touch-ups on any smudges and retrace your eyeline if needed.
you can take those lashes off simply by putting some make up remover or vaseline onto your eyes, wait a couple of seconds, and your fake lashes should come off by themselves.
Try to avoid pulling the fake lashes off with your fingers without any make up remover or vaseline because you don’t want to risk losing some of your natural lashes. Clean your fake lashes with make up remover only if needed, and your lashes should last for at least two weeks!
IF you have any question regarding to the Eyelashes Please feel free to ask