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Care Your Skin With Lemon | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Care Your Skin With Lemon | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Care Your Skin With Lemon

Care Your Skin With Lemon, Packed with sunshine lemons are bursting with health benefits. Just the thought of them makes your mouth water and their refreshing fragrance lifts your spirits. Everyone knows the benefits vitamin C rich lemons have on the body but few know their cosmetic properties. For centuries women have used lemons to cleanse, tone and condition their skin. As a natural antioxidant they combat the signs of aging by helping to stimulate collagen production. The cosmetics industry uses lemons to produce a range of skin care preparations, but they are expensive. You can make lemon rich cosmetics at home cheaply and easily using items from your kitchen store cupboard.
Lemon oil calms and soothes our never. It helps to remove mental stress, anxiety and exhaustion. It has properly to refresh or mind removing the negative thoughts of the mind. So when in stress drink lemon juice mixed with sugar, salt and cold water. It will give you instant energy and refresh you very quick. It is healthy, testy and low cost and thus it is a popular drink all over the world. You can also mix few drops of lemon juice in the liquor of tea. It helps to recover you from extreme fatigue and tiredness very quickly.
Use lemon juice to tone the skin after cleansing. Try this recipe. Take two tablespoons of lemon juice, one tablespoon of vodka, one tablespoon of witch hazel and two tablespoons of water. Pour into a bottle and shake well, store in the fridge and use as needed. Apply to skin with a cotton wool pad and leave for three to five minutes. Rinse the face with warm water and pat dry with a towel. Do not use on damaged skin as it will sting.
After cleansing and toning use moisturizer. Make a simple and inexpensive moisturizer by blending together equal amounts of honey, lemon juice and oil. Sweet almond oil is a nice luxury but you don’t need to use it olive oil is fine. Put into a bottle and shake until all ingredients have blended together. Dab on face and neck with cotton ball, use the tips of your finger to massage into skin in small upwards circular movements. Rinse with warm water and pat dry with soft towel.

Lemon Skin Care Tips

  • Prepare Lemon and Honey juice. Intake this juice in the morning. It helps to cleaning the skin.
  • Apply Lemon juice on the face to clean & shine.
  • Prepare mixture of Aloe Vera & Lemon juice and apply on face for glowing the skin.
  • You can try to wash your face with Lemon juice every night for skin care.
  • Prepare mixture of Lemon juice and Olive oil. Apply this juice directly on acne and eczema for dry it.
  • For oily skin, prepare mixture of Lemon, Egg white and Grapes. Apply this paste and wash with warm water after 25 min. your skin become shine.
  • Prepare a mixture of 1 teaspoon Lemon juice and Glycerin and apply it on the spots for the removal of blackheads, freckles and wrinkles.

How To Use Lemon Juice

  • Dab on an existing blemish to help dry it up.
  • For a hair treatment that adds bounce and shine, after shampooing mix the juice of one lemon with one cup warm water and apply to hair. Allow to remain in hair for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly.  (Can also be mixed with honey for extra conditioning.)
  • Brighten and lighten fingernails by soaking them in lemon juice for ten minutes.
  • As a treatment for blackheads, clogged pores and blemishes, apply lemon juice to areas at night.  Do not wash off until the morning.
  • Rub lemon peel over elbows and knees to eliminate rough or dark spots.
  • Apply full strength to discolored and darkened areas at night and leave on until the morning.
  • Apply full strength or diluted with water as a facial toner to exfoliate and lighten the skin, to prevent and treat clogged pores, blackheads and blemishes.

Advantages of Aerobic Exercise | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Advantages of Aerobic Exercise | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Advantages of Aerobic Exercise

Advantages of Aerobic Exercise, There are far more advantages of aerobics for your body than you could possibly imagine. Globally, people are discussing new and more effective ways to work out, because all over the world the health values of people are dropping into very grave territories. This means that doctors and other healthcare specialists have been speaking about the advantages of aerobics for a long time. You too ought to cash in on this type of exercise.
There are just too many benefits of aerobic exercise to mention in just a single article and in brief. All the same, there are a few which stick out as very crucial. For  instance, the best way you can make sure you are living a healthy existence is to get your heart rate elevated, and the very best way to get your heart rate going is to determine something that you can do – like aerobic exercise, which requires constant movement with no resting. For you to be really and in fact fit and healthy, you’ve to be able to maintain constant movement and to get your heart rate elevated for some length of time. Allowing your heart to keep going at a higher rate than normal resting for a given amount of time is, undoubtedly, one of the very best ways to get fit and healthy, since this delivers blood and oxygen to every part of your body at a considerably faster rate.
Also, there are considerably more benefits to aerobic exercise than you could possibly realize. In addition to making your heart and lungs strong, aerobics makes all your muscles stronger since you’ve to keep them moving for longer lengths of time without resting. This means that irrespective of what part of your body you are focusing on with group exercise, you are going to find that you’re going to be getting stronger and stronger as time goes on.
Your levels of fitness ought to rise very rapidly indeed. You will discover that your endurance and stamina levels will increase dramatically in just a very short period of time. Aerobic Activities benefit all age ranges and you ought to be able to find a level of group exercise which is suitable for you.
Saying that, you should speak to a doctor if you are considering aerobic exercise or even if you are interested in obtaining a full list of the benefits of group exercise – and you should know right away that there are many benefits. Before you try to begin an aerobics routine, you should make sure you are talking to your doctor, since there are some people who need to work their way up to a full routine because of other health issues. Make sure you’ve the green light from your doctor so you can begin getting the benefits of group exercise straight away! You will never feel as fit and healthy as you do when you are working out and taking care of yourself. Getting into anaerobics routine is, by far, the best way for you to achieve this.

Jaundice Home Remedy | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Jaundice Home Remedy | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Jaundice Home Remedy

Jaundice Home Remedy, One of the most popular liver disorder, jaundice results in the yellowing of skin and whitening of the eyes. It is a condition caused by high-level of pigment bilirubin in the body. The major causes for jaundice are hemolytic anemia, blockage in the bile ducts, acute hepatitis, pancreatic cancer and alcoholic liver disease. Extreme weakness, headache, fever and a dull pain in the liver region are some of the symptoms for jaundice. Bile, a digestive fluid, is essential for nutrition. When prevented from entering the intestine, it results in the increase in gases. Jaundice can, however, be dealt with using some home remedies. In the following lines, we provide some of the natural ways to cure jaundice.

Home Remedies

  • Extract the juice of bitter luffa by pounding and squeezing through a cloth. Take the juice on the palm and slowly sniff it. The juice should be drawn through the nostrils.
  • The green leaves of the radish are also an effective home remedy. Pound the leaves and extract the juice from them. Intake at least one pound of this juice daily.
  • Another effective remedy would be to mash a banana and add to it a tablespoon of honey. Have this mixture two times a day.
  • In a glass of buttermilk, mix a pinch of black pepper. Intake this for about a week.
  • Take 4 grams of Indian gooseberry with a glass of water. Have this thrice a day for about 20 days.
  • In a cup of boiling water, add 8-10 lemon leaves. Cover it with a lid for about 5 minutes. Now, strain the liquid and drink it. Repeat this for 4-5 days.
  • Take a cup of water and boil it. To this, add 2 teaspoons of oregano and leave it for 10 minutes. Filter the solution and have it.
  • In a glass of buttermilk, add a pinch of roasted alum. Have this 2-3 times a day, regularly.
  • Mix 1/4 tsp of turmeric powder in a glass of hot water. Have this 2 to 3 times a day.
  • Take tender papaya leaves and make a paste out of it. Consume ½ tsp of this paste with 1 tsp honey.
  • Consuming lots of lime juice is beneficial for a person suffering from jaundice.
  • Mix 1/2 tsp ginger juice and 1 tsp each of mint juice and lime juice. have this mixture after a span of few hours.
  • Have a glass of tomato juice early in the morning. Add some salt and pepper to it, before drinking.
  • Squeeze half a lemon in half a cup of beetroot juice. This is an effective remedy for treating jaundice.
  • Consuming a glass of carrot juice every day is also beneficial in curing carrot juice.
  • Avoid having oils, fried foods, butter, turmeric, spicy food, pickles and sour products.

Itching Home Remedy | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Itching Home Remedy | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Itching Home Remedy

Itching Home Remedy, Itching is the irritation of the skin. There is a yearning to scratch the affected area. Almost everybody meets up with this disease at one point of life. Scratching the affected area can create further problems as the skin might get bruised and sore. It can even be painful at the later stages. There are various causes for itching. Dry skin is one of the prime causes for itching. Others include exposure or contact with chemicals, sunburn, cold weather, overexposure to water, insect bites or stings and hot baths. From being limited to a specific area, to being generalized, itching can occur at any part of the body. The desire to scratch the affected area is the symptoms of itching. The best way to deal with it would be to retreat to the natural remedies. In the following lines, we provide how to cure/treat itching at home.

Home Remedies

  • A simple way to treat itching would be to have bath putting 2 cups of oatmeal in a tub with lukewarm water.
  • Dust the affected area with cornstarch. Alternatively, some cornstarch can be poured in the bath water as well.
  • In the bath water, add 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. This would work well to provide relieve from itching.
  • Apply cold compress to the affected area. This is likely to reduce the itchiness caused.
  • A good remedy to get relieved from itchiness would be to apply fresh stinging nettle oil on the affected area. Otherwise, drink 1 to 2 cups of Nettle tea daily. For this, add 1 tsp of the dried nettle leaves in a cup of boiling water. Allow it to steep for 15 minutes.
  • Soak 2 large handfuls of fresh chickweed in water. When the plant softens, cool it and apply on the affected area.
  • Taking bath with lukewarm water is also beneficial in treating the problem of itching.
  • Include foods rich in Vitamin C, beta-carotene, Vitamin E and zinc in the diet.
  • Take honey and cinnamon powder in equal proportions. Make a fine paste out of it and apply this on the affected area. This would stop itching.
  • In a bathtub filled with water, add a cup of white vinegar. Soak the body for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Coat the affected area with a light paste of coconut oil and limejuice. This is a good remedy to cure itching.
  • Mix some baking soda with water. make a paste and apply this on the affected area.
  • Neem is very useful in treating itchiness. Boil some neem leaves and pour the decoction in the boiling water. Applying neem oil on the affected area is also helpful.

Skin Care Tips For Groom | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Skin Care Tips For Groom | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Skin Care Tips For Groom

  • Make use of moisturizer on a daily basis. Every time you wash your face with soap, do not forget to apply moisturizer afterward. In this case also, you will need to get a moisturizer specifically meant for your skin type.
  • Indulge in exfoliation of your skin on a regular basis, say once or twice in a week. It will help remove the dead cells from your skin, leaving it fresh, smooth and glowing.
  • A good diet goes a long way in making your skin healthy. Make sure that your daily diet provides you all the essential vitamins and minerals. At the same time, increase the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Do not overstress yourself, as this is bound to have an effect on your skin as well. Indulge in regular meditation, gets lots of rest and make sure to get 7-8 hours of sleep daily.
  • Increase your daily consumption of water, taking it to at least 10-12 glasses. It will help flush out the toxins from your body and make your skin glowing and spotless.
  • Stay away from the foods that contain too much oil or sugar. In other words, keep the consumption of high-calorie foods to a minimum. Stop smoking cigarettes, limit caffeine consumption and eat healthy food.
  • Indulge in exercise, like walking, jogging, skipping or aerobics, on a regular basis. It will help make you fit for the wedding day and also improve the blood circulation, thereby benefiting your skin.
  • Whenever you go out in the sun, make sure to wear a sun block, with an SPF of at least 20. Try to avoid harsh weather conditions, like glaring sun, pounding rain or thrashing wind.
  • Before shaving, use a face-wash to clean your face. Thereafter, shave off the beard and wipe your face with a toner. Finally, dab a bit of after shave on the beard and moustache area.
  • A few months before the wedding, start going for facials. Once in a month would be the ideal frequency for you. Do make sure to get at least one facial 2-3 days before the wedding.

The SAG Awards | Jennifer Lawrence, Daniel Day Lewis, And Argo Win Big | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

The SAG Awards | Jennifer Lawrence, Daniel Day Lewis, And Argo Win Big | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

The SAG Awards | Jennifer Lawrence, Daniel Day Lewis, And Argo Win Big

We are now less than a month away from the Academy Awards and still some of the best film’s of last year continue to duke it out and fight for the most recognition. As the various critics groups and guilds have handed out their awards there has been little consistency, with movies like Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln, Ben Affleck’sArgo, Kathryn Bigelow’s Zero Dark Thirty and David O. Russell’s Silver Linings Playbook all earning recognition and taking home hardware. Unlike previous years where one or two titles would dominate the field, there’s been a refreshing amount of diversity and variety in the 2012 crop. And the winners of this years’ Screen Actors GuildAwards illustrate that beautifully.
The actor’s award show was held tonight at the Los Angeles Shrine Exposition Center to award the greatest performances in movies in television, and while Lincoln might have snuck away with two wins on the night, the show spread the love around quite nicely, with big wins for ArgoSilver Linings Playbook and Les Miserables as well

Tips To Get Healthy Skin In Rainy Season | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Tips To Get Healthy Skin In Rainy Season | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Tips To Get Healthy Skin In Rainy Season 

Tips To Get Healthy Skin In Rainy Season, If you are health-conscious and take a few simple precautions, you can save yourself a lot of misery over bad skin.
Monsoon is season to rejuvenate all the living things on the planet. It is a refreshing season that makes you feel that beauty tips cane forgotten for some time. However as the intermittent showers pour high, you may notice some uneasiness with the skin. Here are some easy tips to maintain your youthful skin during this monsoon.

Skin Care Tips

Here are a few tips that will help you cope up with the monsoons without making you look “all washed out”!

Protect Your Skin From Fungal Infection

Humid weather in the rainy season brings with it one of the major skin care issue of fungal infections. Fungus grows easily in areas where warm moisture can accumulate and foster growth, like between your toes, armpits and groin. One way to take care of this is to bath with an anti-fungal soap and apply anti-fungal powder after the bath. Try to avoid keeping your skin wet for a long time and if you have been in rain, take a bath in lukewarm water.

Moisturize Your Skin

Monsoons can cause a de-hydrating effect on dry skin and an over-hydrating effect on oily skin. Use a non-water based moisturizer, if you happen to get wet often. Otherwise a water-based moisturizer will do just fine. For a dry skin you can use a mixture of wheat bran, or ground almonds with milk or yogurt. Dry skin needs this treatment only about twice a week. However, avoid face scrubs if you have sensitive skin. You should rinse your face well after using these face scrubs both for oily and dry skin to make sure of that great monsoon skin.

Use Skin Fresheners

You should never forget to use fresheners that can be prepared even at home to make sure of that great monsoon skin. Rose water mixed with witch hazel makes an ideal skin tonic for humid weather. You can use equal amounts of rose water and hazel witch for oily skin, but mix one part of hazel witch with three parts of rose water if you have a dry skin. Make sure to keep this mixture in the refrigerator and dab your face with cotton wool pads dipped in them.

Deep Cleanse Your Skin

It is very necessary to deeply cleanse the skin to make sure that the pores are free of clogged oil and dirt. So you should use a face scrub about twice a week after the initial morning cleansing of the skin. An ideal face scrub for an oily skin is to use a combination of rice flour and little rose water. You can also use a combination of channa powder or besan mixed with rose water or milk. This scrub can be used daily as an oily skin is more prone to clogging of the pores in the skin. This scrub for oily skin makes you have a real great monsoon skin.


Toning is a necessity at night. During monsoon, a lot of airborne and waterborne germs are let free. So a good anti-bacterial toner will go a long way to prevent skin infections and breakouts. It is a good idea to get anti-bacterial face wash too.

Avoid Heavy Makeup

Important and best beauty tips for women for skin care in Monsoon is avoiding heavy make up. Do not rub your facial skin while drying it with towel. Be gentle to your gentle skin. Rubbing may cause hyper pigmentation to develop on your skin. Do not apply heavy makeup (heavy moisturising creams or oily foundations and cream-based color makeup) on your skin. Since the weather is wet, it will give a dull look on your face. If only there is the need for makeup, rub some ice cubes on your face before applying the makeup. This will make the makeup stay for a longer time and will prevent your skin from sweating.

Protect Your Skin From Sun Rays

Before stepping out of your home in the sun, always use a good sunscreen lotion with high SPF. And never forget to carry umbrella and sunshades with you if you are planning to walk in the sun. If your skin is sun damaged, clean it with a mixture of milk, honey and lemon juice. This will not only remove the tanning from your damaged area but will leave your skin smooth and glowing.

Diet For Your Skin

Last but not the least, the best beauty tip for good skin care in Monsoon is taking good diet for your skin. Eat a healthy and nutritious diet and drink great amounts of water throughout day so as to maintain the glow on your skin.
Though I know it looks lots and lots of work but in reality if you try to do it then it is not much of a work and remember the rewards of doing all this in rainy season. The reward is nice healthy glowing skin which can take off some years from your age. A healthy skin gives a person more confidence and makes him or her more attractive to not only opposite sex but also to all. Also if you take care of your skin properly then the chances of getting smell in your perspiration are reduced significantly.

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Eat Perfect Vitamins For Healthy Skin | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Eat Perfect Vitamins For Healthy Skin | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Eat Perfect Vitamins For Healthy Skin

Eat Perfect Vitamins For Healthy Skin, But many people are confused as to what constitutes a good skin vitamin. As a Health Adviser people would often ask me “what vitamins do I need for great skin?” Well, there are several important vitamins.
Water soluble vitamins such as vitamin C and minerals such as zinc and copper, are powerful antioxidants that can have a huge impact on the way your skin looks and ages. This is also the reason why applying Vitamin C directly to the skin is one of the best anti aging skin care tips around.
There are people who are blessed with good skin, but even they need to make an effort to nourish their skin on a regular basis, so as to maintain that glow. And when it comes to taking care of the skin, most of us look out for cosmetic products for cleansing, toning and moisturizing our skin. But none of us really have knowledge as to how much damage these cosmetic products do to our skin.
Skin care is about protecting your skin from the harmful effects of water, wind and sun. There is no particular age or time to look after your skin, so never think that your age has gone, to take good care of your skin. Healthy beautiful skin is the end result of a well-hydrated skin that is duly protected from the sun damage. And not to forget regular exercise and a balanced diet are other two secrets that pave way for achievinghealthy glowing skin.
Any nutritional deficiency, no matter how minor, will eventually show up as an unwanted skin condition. Taking a good multi-nutritional supplement is probably the first step. But, the latest research shows that some nutrients make a big difference in theskin’s health and appearance when they are applied directly. Here’s a look at what you should take and what you should rub on.

Skin Vitamins Glossary

You need to understand what vitamins work for what skin conditions and choose skin care products accordingly.

Vitamin A

strengthens the protective tissue of the skin and prevents acne. Recommended dosage to fight acne: 10,000 IU. Helps reduce sebum production. Essential for the maintenance and repair of the tissue which theskin and mucous membranes are made of. Powerful antioxidant to flush out free radicals and toxins from your body which improves wrinkling and fine lines.

B-Complex Vitamins

The B vitamins, collectively known as B-complex, are essential for healthy skin because they can help clear up acne, prevent dryness and keep skin supple. Legumes such as black beans, red beans, split peas and lentils, fortified breakfast cereals, whole-grain foods, dairy products, eggs and meat are all good sources of B vitamins.

Vitamin C

The capability of vitamin C to counteract the consequences of the skin’s exposure to the sun is considered to be among the most significant discoveries in the field of dermatology. It has been found thatvitamin C functions by diminishing the harms set off by free radicals, a detrimental derivative of sunlight, smoke as well as pollution. In fact, free radicals demolish collagen and elastin the fibers that prop up theskin’s organization, resulting to formation of wrinkles and other indications of aging.
In addition to increasing production of collagen, vitamin C also functions as an antioxidant and said to be crucial in healing wounds as it helps in making the collagen stable. In order to make yourself attractive and sustain the look, it is necessary to thwart the emergence of the ‘broken blood vessels’. Whenvitamin C is applied on the surface of the skin, it helps in diminishing the fine lines and wrinkles as well as minimizing the harshness of sunburns.

Vitamin E

Using Vitamin E in skin care is thought to have multiple benefits to your skin. It is a potent antioxidant that is thought to fight off free radicals that cause the signs of aging. Some examples of free radicals are smoke, pollutants and excess sun.
Vitamin E is also a great moisturizing ingredient that is found naturally in our bodies. It is found in many skin care lines, which makes it easy to find, but it is also available as a supplement at any drugstore. It’s easy to poke a hole in the capsule and squeeze out theVitamin E gel and apply right to your skin.

Vitamin K

If you’ve been searching for an eye cream that will get rid of the dark circles under your eyes, you’ve likely come across one with Vitamin K inside. While dark circles under the eyes can be caused by numerous reasons, they are typically visible because of leaking capillaries under your skin. The skin under your eyes is thin, which makes the leaking capillaries visible as dark circles.
It is often recommended to look at your stress level, sleep schedule and smoking habits when trying to get rid of the circles. And concealers work wonders, but if you still can’t banish those dark circles, try an eye cream withVitamin K, like MD Skincare: Lift and Lighten Eye Cream which is believed to actually constrict the capillaries under your skin.

Some Facts About Vitamins and Skin

  • Lack of vitamins can make skin lifeless, blotchy and dull.
  • A number of studies reveal that certain vitamins and minerals, when taken internally, can positively influence skin appearance, beauty, and a woman’s overall health.
  • Researches have shown a strong relationship between nutritional intake and skin health.
  • Getting your vitamins for the day, i.e. taking a multi-vitamin or eating fruits and vegetables rich in all the nutrients is necessary for good health.
  • Most people are deficient in vitamins, minerals and herbs that are important for your body to function properly.

Prefect Asian Bridal Makeup Tips | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Prefect Asian Bridal Makeup Tips | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Prefect Asian Bridal Makeup Tips

Prefect Asian Bridal Makeup Tips, There is not a bride in the world who does not want to look beautiful on her wedding day. Asian bridal makeup is not hard to apply and as long as you keep a few simple tips and pointers in mind while you are putting your Asian bridal makeup on you will end up looking absolutely stunning. The key is to know what looks good on you color wise and how to apply different products in order to look beautiful and natural on your wedding day.

Makeup Tips

Many Asian women don’t spend much time on eye makeup on a regular basis, just applying eyeliner and mascara for the most part, and maybe a sweep of a single eye shadow color, but with some patience (and hopefully some practice before the wedding day) these Asian makeup tips will turn your eyes into something extraordinary.

The Basics

First, get your foundation and powder set, then dust some loose powder under your eyes to make it easier to brush any stray eye shadow away without leaving smudges. If you have eyelid prepping creme, apply this now so the eye shadow will be evenly absorbed by your skin.

Base Eye shadow Color

Brush on a neutral color with gold undertones and a slight shimmer on your eyelid. If you lack a second eyelid crease, the goal will be to create a difference visually between the “eyelid” and the “area under the eye”, so leave a strip right under your eyebrow free of the neutral eye shadow.

Eyeliner Application

Using a jet black eyeliner (unless you’re going for a very soft look instead of dramatic, in which case use dark brown), really work the eyeliner into your upper lash line. It will take a few minutes, and you should be going from side to side a little with the applicator to get full, thick coverage. The effect will be to make your eyes really pop, and make your eyelashes look much thicker than they actually are – and we haven’t even gotten to mascara yet!

Adding Eye shadow Color

Working from the inside corners of your eyes outward, use at least three shades of one jewel color (dark blue, dark green, dark red, or dark purple) to create a smooth gradient of light to dark on your eyelids. Use a soft brush and small strokes to get a perfect blend, and remember to leave that same strip right under your eyes bare. Then, using a small brush, fill in that strip with a few strokes of a pale, whitish color – depending on your skin tone, a very pale neutral would work also.

Applying Mascara

Get out a tube of volumizing mascara, and stroke up and out, then come from underneath and put mascara on all sides of your upper lashes, and carefully do the bottom lashes too without getting any black on your skin. A strip of tissue paper can help prevent staining on your face. Then, comb out all the clumps with an eyelash comb, followed by heat in up some eyelash curlers with a hair dryer until they’re pretty warm, and clamping them down on your upper eyelashes at least twice, holding for 15-30 seconds each time.

Intestinal Worms Home Remedy | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Intestinal Worms Home Remedy | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Intestinal Worms Home Remedy

Intestinal Worms Home Remedy, The human body especially the stomach and the intestine is home to a number of parasites such as hookworms, roundworms, flatworms, etc. These parasites are helpful in the digestive process. However, at times, the parasites also create several problems. there are various causes for the problems caused – contaminated food, dirty fingers and food, faulty living, etc. some of the symptoms observed in people suffering from intestinal worms are diarrhea, foul breath, dark circles under the eyes, inflammation of the intestine and lungs, nausea, vomiting, anaemia and nutritional disorders, constipation and loss of weight. Intestinal worms can, nonetheless, be treated at home. In the following lines, we provide some home/natural remedies to cure/treat intestinal worms.
  • Ground some coconut and store it. Every morning, take a tablespoon of coconut at the breakfast. After three hours, take 30 to 60 ml of castor oil mixed with 250 to 375 ml of lukewarm milk. Repeat the process for a few days.
  • Chewing three cloves of garlic every morning is likely to relieve a person suffering from intestinal worms.
  • Grate a small cup of carrot. Have this early in the morning on an empty stomach. This is an effective way to treat intestinal worms.
  • Extract fresh juice from an unripe papaya. Mix A tablespoon of this juice with three to four tablespoons of hot water. after two hours, have 30 to 60 ml of castor oil mixed in 250-375 ml of lukewarm milk. Repeat this for two days.
  • Papaya seeds are also useful in treating intestinal worms. Powder the seeds and take 1 tsp of it with a cup of milk or water first thing in the morning.
  • Papaya leaves are also beneficial in curing intestinal worms. Pour 250 ml of boiling water in a pan containing 15 gm of dry papaya leaves. Take this decoction with honey.
  • Cut the bark of the pomegranate tree. Make a cold decoction of it and have it in the quantity of 90 to 180 ml three times a day. A purgative should be given after the last dose. For children, the quantity of this decoction is less – 30 to 60 ml.
  • Take 1 tablespoon of a ripe pumpkin seeds. Before immersing in 250 ml of boiling water, peel and crush them.
  • Powder the herb of wormwood and consume it in a dose of eight to sixteen gram doses daily. This is effective in treating in intestine worms.
  • The oil of wormwood is also beneficial. Mix it with olive oil in the ratio of 1:8. Intake this in dose 50 to 100 ml.
  • Alternatively, wormwood oil can be mixed with water for treating intestinal worms. In 120 ml of water, add 2 ml of wormwood oil. Give it as an enema for killing worms in the rectum.
  • Mix equal proportions of the herb belleric myroblan and the seeds of the herb butea (palas). Have 1 tsp of this mixture 3 times a day.
  • Consume 1 tsp of powdered seeds of butea every day to cure intestinal worms.
  • Alternatively, the powdered seeds of butea can also be consumed in the form of a paste. Take 1 tsp each of powdered seeds of butea and honey and make a paste. Have this 3 times a day.
  • Take the roots and bark of the vasaka tree. Prepare a decoction taking 30 gm of the root and bark in 500 ml of water. Boil this till the quantity reduces to 1/3rd. have 30 ml of this decoction two times a day for 2-3 days.
  • A simple natural remedy would be to have a glass of boiled water with a tablespoon of rock salt. Have this empty stomach every morning.

Aerobic Exercises | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Aerobic Exercises | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Aerobic Exercises 

We all need a little exercise in our lives, should it be for weight or for overall health. Here are the best types of aerobic activity for fat loss:
Jogging / Running outdoors – running or jogging is a fantastic cardiovascular exercise and one of the best when it comes to fat loss. One of the advantages is that you don’t need any machines when doing this aerobic exercise. Most beginners would be better off by beginning with only jogging, because when your body is not used to high intensity aerobic exercises, it can lead to an injuries.
Walking – walking is a perfect exercise for beginners if they’re just starting a fat burning program. Walking is very natural, meaning everybody can walk and does not tire the body too rapidly. The only drawback is that even if you walk for 30-60 minutes, it will not really burn many calories unless you walk at a fast pace.
Treadmill – just like jogging / running outdoors, it can also be done indoors. This is a large advantage to people who have cold climates and cannot run/job outside all year long. Because of all the advances in technologies, treadmills now have a lower injury potential so it’s much easier on your feet and legs.
Stationary Bicycle – stationary bikes come in different forms, the two most well-liked ones are stationary upright bikes and stationary recumbent bike. The upright bikes provide different preprogramd courses which help people keep the same intensity throughout the workout. Most of them have multiple difficulty levels and built-in heart rate monitors. The recumbent bike is very similar to the upright one, but because the lower back is supported, it’s much more comfortable.
Outdoor cycling – not as good as stationary biking because people can cheat by letting gravity do all the work. But a lot of people enjoy mountain biking and cross-country cycling, so they’d prefer to ride their bikes outdoors. In order for outdoor cycling to have a fat burning effect, you must maintain a steady pace or else it won’t be that effective.
Elliptical machine – these machines first became well-liked in 1995. Lots of major fitness corporations began making their own version of the elliptical machine. It is like a combination of hiking, cycling and walking all in one, which is what give it its excellent fat burning potential. And because it’s a very fun exercise to do, people tend to report that it’s much easier to for them to complete then otherexercise at the same intensity.
Rowing machine – many people consider the rowing machine to be the most total aerobic exercise because it works all the major muscle groups in the body through a broad range of motion. The advantage to this is that it burns a lot of calories which assists burn more fat, but it can also be very fatiguing for people to maintain a sustained long enough workouts.
Stairclimbers – these aerobic exercises not only provide an intense fat burning workout, but they also effectively target the hamstrings, glutes, quadriceps and calves. They come with many difficulty levels and workout programs. Unless you feel some knee pain, this one’s a very high-calorie burning exercise.

Aerobics Classes For Body Fitness | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Aerobics Classes For Body Fitness | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Aerobics Classes For Body Fitness

Now, you have decided that you want to get healthier. This is a great decision. You probably already know that aerobic exercises are the way to get healthier and fitter fast. Just as you probably already know that regular aerobics can help you maintain your weight loss and stay trimmer. What you may not know is that by joining an aerobics class you are likely to receive far more benefits by joining a class than just performing aerobic exercises by yourself. Although, any exercise is better than no exercise at all.
At an aerobics class, You will have an instructor. You will be taught all about group exercise, what they can do for you, how they work and why aerobics are so important. The instructor will teach you the fundamental types of group exercise that you need to be doing to target the specific areas of your body. You may not know the different moves yet, the instructor can teach you. You will also be taught how to move from one type of group exercise to another. Another great thing about learning aerobics from an instructor, specifically if they’re good at what they do, is You will be good at group exercise too.
Another beneficial thing to an aerobics class, other than simply teaching you aerobic exercises, is they give you motivation, and incentive, too. The hardest part about taking any form of exercise is the actual doing of it, be it riding your bike, jogging, or whatever else you are doing for exercise. By joining an aerobics class, you are actually scheduling your exercise in advance. You can mark your classes on your calendar. This is like saying that these times are the times when You will be going to your aerobics class and You will have to go. I can hear you saying: “I can schedule my exercise anyway”. This is true. However, You will be amongst other people, your friends and exercise coworkers. This is a far more positive attitude to attribute to yourself. With a positive attitude, you are more likely to gain benefits from your aerobic exercise.
If you have any lack of motivation, for any reason, then trying to work out on your own just mightn’t be the right thing to do, so joining an aerobics class is probably the best way to get ahead. Very often, just marking down your aerobics session on your calendar or diary is just what it takes to make you more likely to go.
A final note on motivation and incentive. It is best to pay for your classes in advance, rather than pay-as-you-go. Psychologically, and the same goes for the vast majority of people, you have already compensated for something and you want to get your money’s worth. The alternative of pay-as-you-go means you can miss a class and you won’t be losing money.
To recap, the benefits of joining an aerobics class:
  • By joining a class, You will be taught how group fitness will make you healthier.
  • You will be taught, by an instructor, how to make movements beneficial to your exercise.
  • You will feel more motivated to continue your aerobic exercises.
  • Scheduling yourself to take group exercise You will find You will actually go ahead and work out instead of putting it off.
  • You will meet some great work out buddies.
Of course, as with all exercise, ensure you’ve the all-clear from your doctor beforehand. The doctor can advise you on which group exercise class is best for you and your fitness levels.

Students Skin Care Tips | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Students Skin Care Tips | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Students Skin Care Tips

Going off to college means uprooting your entire schedule new friends, junk food, parties, and of course late nights studying sessions. If you’re not careful, the healthy skin you came in with will quickly change. These tips for improving study skills will help college students get better grades. Because, of course, the higher the grades, the happier the college student!

Eat Healthy

Its no secret that junk food is a college student’s best friend. Though you may be tempted to eat that cheesy hamburger, its important to not forget about fruits and veggies. A healthy diet is one of the best ways to keep acne breakouts and your skin looking beautiful during finals.

Drink Plenty Of Water

As a college students, we relay on caffeine to get us through the day. However, this typically results in less water consumption, which could lead to poor skin. So that’s why its important to drink eight glasses of water every day. Take a water bottle with to school and fill it up thought the day. It will not only leave your skin acne free but it will also give you more energy.

Keep Your Hands Clean

A public place like a college is filled with germs and as students we come in contact with them everyday. So that’s why its important to not only wash your hands regularly but keep them off your face. When you rub or touch your face with dirty hands, you are transferring germs to your face, which will definitely cause a breakout. For times when I cant get to the bathroom, I keep travel size bottle of hand sanitizer on hand. That way my hands to stay clean no matter where I’m at and my face stays pimple free.

Ladies, Wash Off Your Makeup

After a long day of studying and final exams, you’ll definitely be ready for good nights sleep. However, one of the most common causes of acne breakouts, is not washing off your makeup at night. I experience this first hand when I would go to sleep with full makeup on, only to wake up with dark circles and an ugly pimple.
So what I would recommend doing is purchasing facial wipes and keeping them on your bathroom counter. That way you will remember to use them and they’ll clean your face in an instant.


The stress of final exams combined with women’s hormonal cycle, can really do some damage. Healthy habits along with a quality face mask, will keep the acne at bay. There are variety of night masks on the market that work really well, my favorite is the all natural Lush’s Ocean Salt Scrub.

Simple Tips For Skin Care

  • Protect yourself from the sun use sunscreen and avoid direct sunlight between the hours of 10 and 2.
  • Don’t, we repeat – don’t smoke. Your skin is a large organ and it needs a lot of circulation. Smoking impairs that dramatically. That’s why smokers’ skin looks dull and gray. Instead of having oxy-generated blood delivered to the surface of the skin, they’re getting poisons and oxidants.
  • Get adequate rest and nutrition.
  • Protect yourself from stress both emotional and environmental stress.
  • Wash your face twice a day and put on the proper treatment product. I’m amazed when women tell me they don’t wash their face in the morning. A lot of icky stuff collects overnight dead skin cells, dirt, and dust!
  • Don’t neglect certain areas of the skin. Elbows, heels, neck, and decolletage need moisturizing, and your scalp and the tops of your feet need sun protection.
  • Touch your face less and wash your hands more! Don’t get too surgical on yourself. It’s very tempting to pick, poke, squeeze, and scratch in front of the mirror. But the more you traumatize the skin, the greater your risk of scarring. Apply treatment products and let them work.
  • Keep your makeup clean. Replace the sponges in your compact on a regular basis. Now and then, toss the whole works and start fresh the average shelf life for cosmetics is 6 to 12 months. Don’t buy products so expensive that you’ll be heartbroken if you have to throw them away.
  • Exercise moderation. More is not always better. Moisturizer, for example, is the most overused product in America. We’ve been bamboozled by cosmetic companies into thinking every square inch of our body has to be slathered. And it’s simply not true. Exfoliators are another thing to be careful with. Used too often, they overacidify and irritate your skin.
  • Beware of counter girls. If it were up to them, you’d be in the bathroom for two and a half hours each morning putting 80 layers on your face. Keep your regimen simple. And when you do add a new product, do it gradually so your skin has time to adjust. Each skincare or makeup product has an average of 20 to 40 ingredients you’re introducing 20 to 40 potential allergens to your face every time you try something new.