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How To Choose Perfect Nail Shape | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

How To Choose Perfect Nail Shape | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

How To Choose Perfect Nail Shape

How Decide You Shape ?

Chosen the best is really a difficult task. Especially you like moe then one shape for your nails.Here we are giving you some useful tips that how you can choose the perfect nail shape for you.
Choosing the nail type that fits you best is sometimes a tough task. How do you decide which nail shape is right for you? Everyone has different responsibilities in their personal and work lives that sometimes dictate sacrificing the style you really want for the job you need. So take a look at the activities you do, the work yo do, the  overall look of how you want your nails to look and what style of nails do you have to begin with. You just to ask yourself some basic questions like, what is the shape of your nail beds? Are your fingers long or short? Do you want to have nails all the time or is this temporary? Are they for looks or for every day?
If you are still not sure, please consult a professional nail technician for their input. They will be able to guide to to getting a magnificent look.  Here are a couple of ideas, if your nail beds are wide, try a squoval shape. If they’re narrow, try a sharp square shape to widen and strengthen. If you shorter nails, a rounded shape is your best bet for low-maintenance style. Or you can be a diva, like me and have as long of nails as you wish and you find a way to do everything you need to do. As your nails grow, so do you.
Here are some of the most common styles that are done in most salons. Hopefully this will help you in deciding what nail shape fits best with your busy lifestyle.

1:  Square Shape

The square shape is ideal for a people with a bigger nail bed (it tends to make smaller nail beds look shorter and wider). To create this timeless shape, file the side walls straight and make sure they’re perpendicular to the free edge of the nail. Once you’ve gotten the square shape you desire,  angle your emery board and bevel the nail slightly.

2:  Square Oval Shape (Squoval)

Combining the elegance of the oval shape with the strength of the square one, the squoval has become a popular nail shape for most fingers. It is far more flattering and common on most types hands especially if you are unsure what style does fit you best. It is both attractive and classy so it is good for people of all types of professions. First begin with a square with straight and even side walls. File the corners until your free edge is rounded and beveled. Remember, you still want strong side supports so don’t go overboard on the filing.

3:  Oval Shape

The tapered side walls of the oval create an elegant shape for women. Oval shapes flatter both wide and narrow nail beds, and add length with a graceful tip. Achieving the perfect oval nail shape is very easy.  First file side walls straight to make sure they’re even. Then, shape the side walls into a rounded oval shape, making sure the angles are even.

4: Round Shape

The round shape is by far the most conservative nail shape of the bunch, it is also ideal for men and women alike who like to maintain short nails. This shape flatters wide nails, and gives the illusion of a thinner nail bed. File the side walls straight like a square, then round the free edge into that perfect swooping circle.

5:  Flared Nails Shape

Wide tips that gradually taper down towards the nail bed so leave a fanned out nail effect. Flared nail are usually made with acrylic nails applied on to the top of your own natural nail. Usually acrylic nails are very strong so they are good to use for this nail style type. Also because of the larger nail surface, this shape if suitable for some extreme nail art.

6: Stiletto Nails / Pointy Nails

Start by filing nails nails into very sharp triangle angles. File your nail into a triangular shape or point like shape on the end of the nail tip to produce this very popular nail style. The stiletto style can make your nails brittle and a bit weaker, and just as the oval shape can, your nails will tend to break more easy since the sides are not a strong as the square or squoval style. Wearing nails like this if they are going to be an every day way of life, you will want to reinforce the sides so they do not break as easy as they would without the reinforcement.

7: Oblique Nails Shape

This nail style is the least common of them all. The shape is created by the oblique french manicure. Both corners are very sharp. Typically oblique nails are very weak and will break easily so you must be very careful if you chose to wear this nail style.

Gold And Diamond Jewelry By Assos | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Gold And Diamond Jewelry By Assos | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Gold And Diamond Jewelry By Assos 

Assos ranks 35th at the jewelry/watch category of Facebook statistics site Bakers.
Companies that catch on the importance of social media are shaping their strategies accordingly and reach masses, outwitting their competition.
Appreciating the influence of social media Assos Diamond is getting more visible every day thanks to its various competitions and interactive communication activities at the internet. Along with presenting all its concept drawings to its followers at Assos engages in one on one communication with its customers on requests, proposals and complaints and develops fast solutions. Underlining the positive effect of social media activities on brand visibility, Assos Diamond Communication Manager Bihter Koray said that they were planning to come up with social responsibility projects very soon.
Assos Diamond also plans to improve its ranking at Facebook statistics site Social Bakers.

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Glowing Skin And Healthy Hair In Winter | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Glowing Skin And Healthy Hair In Winter | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Glowing Skin And Healthy Hair In Winter

In winter the ominous cold and dry winter winds ravage your skin and hair. Prevent winter damages you need to make a drink, for this drink you need, 1 cup or 250ml warm milk, 1 tsp kewra, 2 to 3 almonds crushed, 5 to 6 pistachios crushed, 2 to 3 raisins, a small piece (10gm) of rock sugar, 2 or 3 crushed dry dates, a pinch of saffron, 1 silver paper, 1 tsp rose water. Mix all and cook until it starts boiling, then drink it every day in winte.

Skin Whitening Cream At Home | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Skin Whitening Cream At Home | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Skin Whitening Cream At Home

You need to make this cream:
Alpha Hydroxy Cream
Big lemon crushed with skin – 1
Rose water – as required
Vitamin E capsules – 4 to 5
Petroleum jelly – a little
Mix all ingredients and apply on your face and bodyYou need to make this cream:Alpha Hydroxy CreamBig lemon crushed with skin – 1Rose water – as requiredVitamin E capsules – 4 to 5Petroleum jelly – a little

Shining White Teeth At Home | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Shining White Teeth At Home | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Shining White Teeth At Home

Get a healthy shinning smile with toothbrush, toothpaste & whitener products use at home.

Taking care of your teeth means more than brushing with a good toothbrush twice a day with a flouridated toothpaste, and visiting the dentist twice a year, but those are the basics for caring for your smile. As we get older, problems with bad teeth and gums start to show in terms of yellowing, chipping or sensitivity. With age, teeth lose their whiteness and begin to yellow: one sure-fire way to take years off your appearance is by whitening your teeth with a home or professional whitener.

The Truth About Over The Counter Shinning Toothpastes

Many toothpastes claim to be “whitening”, but when you read the label, you’ll see the only active ingredient isfluoride. Fluoride is necessary for preventing cavities, but it doesn’t do a thing for whiter teeth. Other over-the-counter “whitening” products include baking soda and peroxide. Baking soda wisdom works by friction: it polishes stains from teeth. But, if your enamel is thin in places, baking soda can wear it further, exposing the dentin layer beneath the enamel. When that happens, you wind up with a brown spot or pit in the tooth. These spots often appear along the gemlike, where enamel tends to wear away naturally and is weak. Whitening toothpastes can’t fix worn enamel: it takes a trip to the dentist to replace the missing layer with bonding.

Strengthing And Repairing Worn Tooth Enamel

Worn enamel comes with age: it also appears in younger people who grind their teeth, people who eat a lot of acidic foods, and people with bulimia whose enamel has been worn away by stomach acids. People with chronic heartburn or acid reflux disease may also have enamel worn off by acid, but for bruxers (or people who grind their teeth), the enamel comes off because of the pressure exerted by the jaws. The enamel flakes or cracks off under the pressure. If you grind your teeth, your dentist will recommend that you wear a plastic night guard over your teeth at night.

Affordable Dental Plans – Don’t Break The Bank For A Great Smile

beautiful smile starts with great teeth, but genetics can create crooked teeth, under or overbites or even soft enamel prone to cavities. Teeth may become chipped, abscessed or stained. But modern dentistry is highly technical and practically painless. Procedures that once horrified our parents are now done easily and with little fuss: root canals, bonding, white fillings and even tooth replacements are simple dental procedures.
But if you’re going to get a mouthful of teeth worked on, you’re going to still need a pocketful of money. If you live in a city, there may be a dental school taking patients at lower cost, but otherwise, you will want a dental insurance plan that supports the health of your teeth. Most employers don’t pay dental insurance costs, and most health insurers will only cover accidental damage to teeth.
Find inexpensive dental plans that can help you pay the basic expenses associated with getting that gorgeous grin: check them out here.

Natural Tooth Whitening Remedy And Products

Peroxide is the classic at-home tooth whitening ingredient. Toothpastes like Rembrandt contain peroxide in a dosage that, over a period of weeks or months, has a bleaching affect on teeth by six shades or more. Depending on your teeth’s sensitivity, you may prefer slower-working toothpastes to quick-acting whitening kits. Bleach can make teeth sensitive, so if you try a tooth-whitener, go slow at first, and maybe pair it with a sensitivity-reducing paste such as Sensodyne.

Professional Dentist Tooth Whitening 

If you’re in a hurry, you can have your teeth professionally whitened in about an hour at the dentist’s for around $300. Your dentist may use a combination of topical bleaching gel and a light activator to get your teeth super-white in no time at all.

Shinning Your Teeth Without A Trip To The Dentist

If you don’t want to spend several hundred dollars, you have other options. Rembrandt has a new two-hourwhitening system (Rembrandt 2-Hour White from that uses trays and a gel to whiten teeth in a much shorter time than the usual two-week period needed for other whiteners. You leave the trays on for 20 minutes, then take them out for ten minutes, alternating until the two hours are up. Or you can try other popular at home whiteners, like Crest White Strips, which take about a week to complete the whitening process.

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Chewing Gums is Good | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Chewing Gums is Good | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Chewing Gums is Good

Chewing gumshave become an indispensable part of daily life. Some of us are so addicted to thehabit of chewing gums that they need to chew it to get that ‘feel full’ after meals. True, chewing sugar-free gum helps in saving you frombad breath. Butchewing gumsdaily for extended periods of time is found to have reported disadvantages.Naturally, after a heavy meal, our intestines and stomach do requite some time to rest. By chewing gums, we are actually denying them the ‘right to rest’ and make them thoroughly exhausted.  It is found that constant chewing of gums makes a person prone to stomach burns, ulcers and different types of cancers.
Chewing gum results in the formation of unnecessary wear and tear of the jaw cartilages. Once damaged, this area that acts as an effective shock absorber can not be completely repaired and will lead to create pain and discomfort through out the lifetime.Unnecessary chewing leads to severe tightness in two of the eight facial muscles that we use for chewing.  This leads to increased pressure on the nerves that supply blood to the temples and ultimately results in intermittent headaches.Your salivary glands are required to produce a steady stream of saliva for chewing the gum.
It is indeed a tremendous waste of energy that could otherwise be effectively used for essential metabolic activities.Long term use of the gum sweetener, aspartame, is associated with the development of ailments such as cancer, diabetes, and certain neurological disorders.
If  not by aspartame, your chewing gum is most likely to be sweetened by sugar. Sugar is considered as the major culprit behind chronic health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, and emotional disorders. So, next time as you buy your chewing gum, do remember about the price that your body is forced to pay for it.

Decorate Your Kids Bedroom | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Decorate Your Kids Bedroom | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Decorate Your Kids Bedroom

You need to be extremely creative as you arrange your kid’s room. Only if he really adores his room, will he be wiling to spend time in its comfort. His tastes, attitudes, likings, needs, age etc should all go into your decisions about his room arrangement.His special room should essentially be one that suits his interest.  You are likely to be confused more about what to do with the ceilings, walls and floorings. How the ceiling is painted actually speak volumes about the entire room set up. You can get creative and try gold stars, silvery white moon or even a midnight blue sky.
If you are against painting, try pasting beautiful wallpapers that suit your kid’s taste. You can also consider using acoustic tiles, especially if you find noise as a major menace.Walls are indeed the largest surface to be managed. You will be left to wonder at the wide range of ‘walling’ options available. Wallpaper, paint andpaneling are probably the most common of such options. You need to keep in mind the ease of cleaning and durability of the material while making the final choice.
Patterned wallpaper is after all a good masquerade for walls that are not so perfect.Paneling or wood plank walls are a durable choice to make. Let your imagination decide on the color and type of application. Be bold to adventure as any mistake can easily be dyed over.
Flooring is generally made with a firm surface such as wood, tile or linoleum. A floor covering can be made with a material such as a carpet or wall to wall carpeting.While selecting the kind of floor, you are likely to be limited only by your tastes and budget.It being your kid’s room you will also have to consider the ease of cleaning the floor, as it is most likely to be messy always.

Tips To Prevent Hair Loss | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Tips To Prevent Hair Loss | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Tips To Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss is a natural process, but too much loss is no good. Hair is a living protein, and as with any part of our bodies we must be sure to maintain proper health to optimize the chances of continuing to grow a healthy head of hair. Proper nutrition is vital to hair loss prevention, since the hair is a living and growing part of the body’s system. A healthy balanced diet and exercise will all aid in your hair loss prevention efforts.
Here is a mask for hair loss, you need:
½ kg egg oil
1 ground onion
Hand full ground almond
5g Clobestol Propionate Cream
And some Liquorice powder
Mix them well and put under the sun for 24 hours. Massage three times a week in your hair, leave for at least 30 minutes, then wash with shikakai, amla and reetha. Your hair will be luscious, soft and strong.
Here is a mask for hair loss, you need:½ kg egg oil ground onion Hand full ground almond 5 g Clobestol Propionate CreamAnd some Liquorice powderMix them well and put under the sun for 24 hours. Massage three times a week in your hair, leave for at least 30 minutes, then wash with shikakai, amla and reetha. Your hair will be luscious, soft and strong.

How To Make Shampoo At Home | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

How To Make Shampoo At Home | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

How To Make Shampoo At Home

Make a dry shampoo with baby powder, or cornstarch. Use a shaker or an empty baby powder container to apply. Run your fingers through your hair to work the dry shampoo into your hair and brush it out thoroughly. This dry shampoo will absorb the oil in your hair and make it seem as if you’ve just shampooed your hair.
If you want your dry shampoo to be scented, you can add dried flowers such as lavenderrose petals or whatever to the mixture. Then put it in a jar with a tight lid. Keep the jar in a dry, cool and dark place for 2 to 4 weeks. your dry shampoo mixture will be scented.

Skin Glowing Home Tips | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Skin Glowing Home Tips | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Skin Glowing Home Tips

Home Remedies

1. Mash a banana with milk and apply on face and leave it for 20 minutes. Wash it with cold water to get a skin that will glow.
2. Apply honey on your face and neck for 20 minutes. Wash it with cold water. Your skin will glow and become soft and smooth.
3. Mix egg white with honey and apply on the face for 20 minutes. Wash it with cold water.
4. Make a paste of one teaspoon of walnut powder, honey and lemon juiceScrub your face with this paste and leave it for 20 minutes. Wash it with cold water.
5. Rub a piece of papaya on your face and neck for 15 minutes.
6. Make a paste by mixing 2 tablespoon turmeric (haldi) powder in orange juice. Scrub it on your face and neck and leave it for 20 minutes. Wash it with cold water.
7. Make a paste by mixing mashed banana, honey, lemon juice and margarine. Apply on face for overnight. Smear on hands and feet, and wash off in the morning (wear gloves in hands and socks in feet).
8. Boil cabbage in water. Wash your face with this water.
9. Powder mango peels and mix 1 teaspoon milk powder and rub on face, neck, and hands. Wash it off after 15 minutes.
10. Mix one cup of sugar with 1 tablespoon fresh lemon / lime juice. While taking bath, lather your body and face heavily with a soft soap like Dove. Scrub the whole body and face with the sugar mixture on the lather.
11. After a shower apply vaseline over your entire body. Shower again after one hour. Repeat twice a month.
12. Mix corn (polenta) flour with egg white and apply on your face. When your face is dried completely in about 1/2 an hour, put your fingers in warm water and massage your face. Repeat daily for 10-15 days.
13. Soft and smooth hands for life
Mix 3 teaspoons of baby oil and 2 teaspoons of sugar together. Rub your hands, feet or any part and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Rince it off with warm water.

Bonsai Care Tips | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Bonsai Care Tips | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Bonsai Care Tips

If you have a bonsai plant and you always complaint about the bonsai withering and dying, then probably you are not caring well for your bonsai. Needless to say, these bonsai plants add greenery to indoors apart from being aesthetically pleasant to your eyes in different forms and shapes.It’s important to understand that a bonsai plantwill grow well if you mirror their natural conditions well. Light, soil, temperature, water and humidity are the key elements that affect the development of a bonsai plant.
The requirements of water for bonsai is different from other plants and trees Not all plants will grow well as bonsai. Cone bearing trees develop into very good bonsai’s whereas fruit and flower bearing plants will grow well until the fruits or flowers appear. Ficus, Jade and Fukien tea plants grow very well as indoor bonsai’s.If you have an outdoor bonsai keep in mind the location for your bonsai.
The outdoor bonsai plants should receive at least 6 hours of sunlight whereas indoor bonsai require 2-4 hours of window or artificial light.Usually a bonsai requires water in small amounts but quite often. In summer months water your plants more frequently than winters. Its good to maintain a damp soil but make sure do not water excessively so as to leave its roots standing in water.
Temperature is another critical element. Usually indoor bonsai develop well at room temperatures but if you have an outdoor bonsai place it very thoughtfully.Apart from temperature a bonsai requires supplemental moisture for proper growth. If humidity levels in you house are low, then place your bonsai pot in a tray with a little water as to increase the humidity levels around the bonsai.
You should re-pot your bonsai once every 2-5 years depending on type and age of the tree. Need for re-pottingarises as the nutrients from the soil are used up by the growing plant. Re-potting your bonsai with bonsai potting soil or compost will add nutrients back to the soil and your bonsai will develop well.Bonsai plants can be trained by using special wires to form and shape the branches. Use aluminum wires since these are gentle and soft on the branches. Use a thick wire instead of a thin wire, since thin wire scratches the bark of the tree.
Pruning is very important for bonsai development. After the plant has flowered cut the leaf buds and remove unnecessary branches. Pine and cone bearing trees need pruning in spring when the buds appear.Pruning is done to stop excessive growth. Juniper trees require frequent pruning since they grow throughout the year.

Select The Right Sunglasses | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Select The Right Sunglasses | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Select The Right Sunglasses

What Better Idea Top Protect Your Eyes by wearing sunglasses that are funky, cool and fashionable. Eyeprotection is very important and wearing sunglasses can protect your eyes from diseases like cataract, cornea burns and other eye disorders. Finding a right pair of sunglasses may be quite a hassle, keeping in mind the endless styles, price ranges and various features that these sunglasses of today offer.A sun glass is an eye for an eye. It should be of good quality and should offer at least three basic and necessary properties like good eye protection, comfort and a good style.
The first and the fore most thing that should be kept in mind while purchasing sunglasses is that they should provide protection from ultraviolet radiation as these ultraviolet radiations are the greatest contributors of eye disorders.
Always insist on sunglasses that block 99-100% of  UV A and UV B radiation. Look for labels that read 100% UV protection or UV 400. Sunglasses lens mostly come in three types of materials; polycarboonate (light plastic), CR-39 (plastic) and glass. Glass is durable but tends to be heavy, whereas plastic is lightweight but catches scratches easily. Choosing between the two is a matter of personal choice.
Although color of lens is not that important, what matters is the wavelength of light being blocked. Remember to choose a tinted (colored) glass that reduces the glare or brightness but does not distort the colors.Grey lens tints provide the least distortion of colors while brown, amber and yellow tints may distort color.As far as the sunglasses frames are concerned, they are available in materials like plastic, aluminum, titanium and other materials.
Always select a frame that is lightweight and non-corrosive in nature.Style quotient is another factor that should be considered. What sunglasses would suit you depends on your face cut because your face shape affects the frame style and lens shape.Oval shaped face is considered as a well-balanced face and nearly every type of sunglasses would work fine with such a face cut. People with square face should opt for oval sunglasses.
People with round faces should try rectangular lenses and should avoid narrow sunglasses. For people withheart shaped face rimless and half rimmed glasses go very well. If your face is too small try wearing child-sized glasses.Other things that should be considered are your skin complexion and hair type. People with pale complexions should go for rose or amber colored frames.
Amber also suits well for dark complexions. Small frames look better on people having short hair. People having long hair should take caution that hair does not block the view.