Monday, November 19, 2012

Sneak Pumpkin Into Any Meal | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Sneak Pumpkin Into Any Meal | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Sneak Pumpkin Into Any Meal

From pie to pizza, cocktails to cheesecake, you can squeeze this fall Superfood into any delicious dish. (53, in fact!)
Sure, you can carve a pumpkin. But did you know you could also enjoy it in a bowl of oats, between the bun, or in a fancy cocktail? We’ve rounded up 53 ways to enjoy this super-fruit that comes with as much versatility as it does protein, fiber, and everyone’s favorite fall flavor.

Morning Mealtime

1. Quick Breads
Fresh out of the oven, pumpkin bread is a delicious morning treat that makes getting out of bed a breeze. Now, if only eating the whole loaf in one sitting was a good idea…
2. Scones
For a healthified breakfast baked good with a little more crunch than a muffin, try apumpkin scone with that cup of tea. With a little spice, this morning treat is nothing but nice. Plus, the pumpkin puree adds moisture to these typically dry and crumbly treats.
3. Pancakes
Our favorite Sunday morning tradition got better. Stir some pumpkin puree in pancake batter for an autumnal spin on breakfast. Try some pumpkin protein pancakes to really fill you up with the good stuff.
4. Waffles
Le’go my ego and give me the pumpkin! For a crispier (and healthier) morning meal,one cup of pumpkin puree will spice up any ordinary waffle.
5. Oatmeal
Pumpkin pie for breakfast? We went there. For a creamy bowl of oats, simply add some pumpkin puree. Topped with graham crackers, pecans, and a touch of maple syrup, and it’s basically (almost) pumpkin pie.
6. Yogurt
It may be hard to find pumpkin flavored yogurt in the dairy section, but luckily it’s easy to make at home. Simply combine ½ cup of plain, low-fat Greek yogurt with about ¼ cup canned pumpkin, and add any desired sweeteners and toppings of choice (we’re fans of cinnamon and pecans!).
7. Muffins
Blueberry muffins are so two weeks ago. Pumpkin puree perks up any ordinary breakfast treat. Swap in whole-wheatflour and sprinkle some pumpkin seeds on top for a healthy start to the day!
8. Granola
Pumpkin seeds take center stage in this recipe, packing an extra crunch to an already healthy mix of whole-grains, nuts, and spices. Serve it atop some pumpkin yogurt for one big pumpkin party in your mouth.
9. French toast
Pumpkin puree, plus peanut butter, plus whole-grain bread equals probably thebest French toast ever.
10. Biscuits
Skip the gravy and enjoy these biscuits all on their own. Light, fluffy, and oh, filled with pumpkin, it’s near impossible not to resist seconds (or thirds…).
11. Sandwich bread
There’s whole-wheat, multi-grain, 7-seed, and…pumpkin bread! Toast it up, add some jam, or even go crazy and use it to make French toast or in a classic sandwich. (Editor’s note: Try the classic “Thanksgiving” sandwich on this bread! The combo of turkey and cranberry with the pumpkin is perfect!)