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Dark Hair And Pale Skin Makeup Tips | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Dark Hair And Pale Skin Makeup Tips | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Dark Hair And Pale Skin Makeup Tips

Women with dark hair and pale skin are blessed with a natural contrast that works well to accentuate their features.  Usually, if you fall under this category, you need not put that much makeupin order for your features to pop out.  For tips and tricks on how to put on makeup for brunettes with pale skin, please see below.
To begin, you must first apply sun protection, usually a non-greasy lotion, in order for your skin to retain their pale tone.

Concealer And Foundation

If you have an uneven skin tone, you may do well to apply a creamy makeup that is of a lighter shade to your skin.  For concealers, use it only in areas underneath the eye since using it on other areas will tend to make you look unnatural.  Finally, for the foundation, get a pale peach or pinkish foundation as opposed to a yellowish one.  Use sparingly for uneven skin tone instead of over applying your entire face with it.

Bronzer And Blush

Although you can actually skip the bronzer and blush, it does help to add a bit of color to your already pale skin.  For a blush, use coral or peach shades and apply lightly from cheek to cheek. For the bronzer, you may also apply some to add a dash of color to your pale complexion.

Eye Color

The key in eye make up for brunettes with pale skin is not to apply anything that looks so overpowering that it can actually drown out your eyes.  Generally, for those with dark eyes, you can go for deep greens and charcoals.  For those with lighter eye colors, you will do well to go with browns and pastels.  Apply the eye shadow by starting with the lighter color.  Apply it on the eyelids up until the point under your eyebrows.  For the darker shade, only use it near the creases for your eyes.  Finally, you can apply an eyeliner to highlight your eyes.  Choose one that is near your hair color.  If you have full lashes, you can skip the eyeliner altogether.

Mascara And Eyebrows

Due to your dark hair color, darker mascara shades such as black and brown.  In applying, only use a maximum of two coats because too much can cause clumping which is not very pleasing to see.  For you eyebrows, you can choose to add a bit of color but make sure that it is very near your hair color.  It helps if the eyebrow color is in powder form rather than pencil because you can control the application of color better in order for it to appear more natural.


For your lips, a general rule is to choose a lip color that it one shade darker than your natural lip color.  Choosing other shades may not blend too well with your skin and the rest of your makeup.
In application, apply the lipstick first before using a lip liner to define the lips.  For an added boost effect, apply gloss on the center of both the upper and lower lip.