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Bridal Make-Up Tips | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Bridal Make-Up Tips | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Bridal Make-Up Tips

This is very important that how to get the perfect wedding make up. This is also the most difficult decission to choose the Make Up artist. Now we are going to make this easy how to choose make up artist for bride’s and Get perfect make up.

How Wedding Make Up Be Perfect

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One of a bride’s worst nightmares is bad make-up, considering all eyes are on you and the photos can’t hide any of the faux pas. Therefore, getting it right for the big day goes without saying. To do so, with or without the help of a professional, adhere to the tips below.
Step 1 :   Book a make-up appointment at your salon at least one month prior to your wedding for consultation. Should you need to start a beauty health regime, do so early enough.
Step 2 :  Once you’ve bought the wedding dress, use it as inspiration for your wedding day make-up. It has to compliment and look as natural as possible. A visit to the salon for a make-up trial two weeks before your wedding day helps the artist know which products work well and the best look for you. Should there be a breakout, precautions can be taken soon.
Step 3 :   For that perfect all-day look, start off by cleansing, toning and moisturizing your face the previous night.
Step 4 :   To cut down on secretion and help the ice work effectively, dab in some astringent. Chances are, you will sweat a lot and this will help counter that.
Step 5 :  To help make-up hold longer, include a primer in your skin tone.
Step 6 :   To conceal stubborn marks and spots, use some concealer and follow up with foundation in your skin color.
Step 7 :   To lock in the make-up, finish off by blending in some translucent powder.
Step 8 :   For a healthy rosy look, apply some blusher that complements your skin tone on your cheekbones.
Step 9 :  For the eyes, place tissue beneath and apply some mascara and eyeliner if desired. Add some color using eye shadow, but steer off the bright colors for night-time unless your wedding theme allows you to.
Step 10 :   Finish off with some lip color after moisturizing your lips. Use lip liner, then fill it in with lip color. For longer stay, uniformly brush some powder then reapply the color.
Step 11 :   For a surprise element, have a tattoo done somewhere discreet only for him to see or get a belly chain.