Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Use of Nail Files | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Use of Nail Files | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Use of Nail Files

It does matter what kind of nail files you are going to use. Using of any kind of nail file is very easy. There are only the few things,you should keep these things in your mind while you are going to file your cracking and breaking nails.
Metal nail files are durable, widely available and simple to use

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How to use Files

*          Even out your fingernails. Once your nails are in the shape your desire, use a metal nail file to smooth out the rough edges of your fingernails.
*          Go in one direction. When you begin filing your nails, be sure to file each side of the nail in one direction, either up or down. Filing your nails in two directions, with a sawing motion will damage the nail and cause it to crack and break.
*          Wipe the metal nail file down periodically. As you file your nails, the surface of the nail file may form a layer of build-up, causing the metal nail file to be less effective. Wipe it off periodically to ensure that the surface of the metal nail file is as effective as possible.
*          Smooth out your toenails. Toenails are often stronger and thicker than fingernails so metal nail files are effective on toenails because they are sturdy and durable. Start filing your toes in one direction just as you would for your fingernails to prevent breakage.