Thursday, September 20, 2012

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This is very simple and unique nail design. Mostly working ladies prefer the Gel Nails manicure for there nails. Why working ladies prefer Gel Nails to the others Let’s see the experience of a physician. Why she like Gel Nails.

Different styles of Gel Nails

Unique but simple nail designs collection.

What She Told about

Unlike most women, I only get manicures three or four times a year. My decision is not based on the cost of a manicure, its not because I don’t have a nail salon nearby or because I don’t have an hour or so each week to sit down and get a manicure. The real reason that I don’t get manicures is because I wash my hands about 100 times each day. No, I do not have obsessive-compulsive disorder. As a physician who sees many patients each day, I have been trained to wash my hands before and after seeing each person. As you can imagine, during an average workweek, a fresh manicure will last, on average, one day. If I’m very lucky, a manicure could last two days.
When several friends told me about gel nail polish and the amazing fact that a manicure with gel polish lasts two weeks or more, I was intrigued! Thinking that this would be the answer to my plain, unpolished nails, I decided to investigate gel polish. Surely it would be better than acrylic nails which often permanently damages nails. Although gel nail polish gave me a beautiful manicure that lasted almost three weeks.

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Benefits of Gel Nails

Gel nails are thin, clear and flexible. Since they are so versatile, they can be used for natural nail overlays, tip overlays or they can be sculpted on forms. Gel nails combine a natural look and feel with convenience and durability. If you want to grow out your natural nails, gel nails can become a base coat that protects and strengthens your own nails. Maintenance is necessary but gel nails never need to be removed. Another benefit is that they feel natural because they are so lightweight and flexible. Instead of feeling “fake” the feel like your own real nails.