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HEADACHES | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

HEADACHES | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips


According to the dictionary Headache means ”Pain in various parts of the head, not confined to the area of distribution of any nerve”.
In fact, there are several different types of headaches. Headaches is one of the most common pain complain.

Common type of headache

Here we are discussing the most common type of headaches that Is TENSION. Tension is the most common headaches you can read its causes and its treatment below.

Tension headaches

Tension headaches are the most common, and generally affect adults and adolescents – they can affect younger children, but this is not common. During a tension headache, there may be muscle tightness in specific parts of the head, scalp and/or neck – these areas are uncomfortable and often painful. Some studies, however, have indicated that muscle tightness is not as common among sufferers as was once believed.
People who suffer from tension headaches say they feel like a tight band or vice on the head. The pain is usually dull, and covers most of the head.
It was thought that tension headaches were mainly caused by tension that builds up in the scalp and neck muscles as a result of stress, depression, anxiety, or a head injury. However, the exact cause or causes are unknown. Recent research indicates that there does not appear to be any significant increase in muscle tension in people known to suffer from tension headaches.
Experts today believe that a change in certain brain chemicals may be the main factors that contribute to tension headaches. These chemicals are the ones that help nerves communicate, such as serotonin, endorphins, and several others. We are not sure why the levels of these chemicals change. We suspect that the fluctuations activate pain pathways to the brain and probably undermine our ability to suppress pain.

Differen Causes of Headaches

These are the factors may be the cause of headache
1: Stress
2: Depression
3: Anxiety
4: Bad Posture
5: Not Move for Long Time (not moving)
6: Uncomfortable Job

There’s also need to find out the more causes of the headache. These are the major causes of headaches.

How Treat the Headache

If you keep a diary it may help you identify your headache triggers. When a headache starts write down when it started, include notes of what you drank and ate during the previous 24 hours. Note down how long you had slept, whether it was a good night’s sleep, when you slept. Record in your diary what was happening in your life immediately prior to the onset of your headache – were you under unusual stress? Write down how long the headache lasted, and if you can, what made it stop.
Some people find that taking a shower helps. While one person may benefit from a hot shower, others may find a cold one gives better results.
Some simple changes in lifestyle may reduce, and sometimes completely eliminate the recurrence of headaches. Getting enough sleep, doing plenty of exercise, stretching the neck and back muscles regularly may be all you need.
Are you eating properly? A good diet with plenty of fruit, vegetables, minerals and fiber will help you stay in good health and might help reduce the intensity and frequency of your headaches.
If you suspect your job may be at the root of the problem, try to find ways to make it less stressful – talk to your boss, or human resources manager.
If lifestyle changes and relaxation techniques are not enough, OTC (over-the-counter) painkillers will provide relief. These include aspirin, ibuprofen, or Tylenol.
If you are facing headache for long time then did not waste your time consult with the Doctor as soon as possible. Headache for long time can badly effect on your health. Should not use any anti-depression tablets for the regular headache with out to consult the doctor.