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Tutorial Of Eye Makeup | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Tutorial Of Eye Makeup | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Tutorial Of Eye Makeup

A girl’s can be an over sized bin choked with rainbow eye shadows, eyeliners lipstick makeup and pretend eyelashes. However, we tend to have to be compelled to seem like conductor lash blue blood anytime we go out? Here’s a straightforward modern look that speaks volumes and is ideal from morning to nighttime of eye makeup tutorial.

What You May Need

a)  Liquid make-up – Black
b)  Crayon/pencil make-up – Black
c)  Crayon/pencil make-up – White
d)  Black and White makeup (Optional)
e)  Mascara
f)  Lipsick/Gloss
g)  Eye brush

How To Get The Look

  • Wash face and apply moisturizer. It’s sensible to start out with a clean canvas.
  • Apply your most well-liked foundation, concealer and powder.
  • First, apply liquid eyeliner to only the highest lid, from one corner of the lid to the opposite. A thick application works well. The simplest thickness is at regarding half centimeter permit the liquid eyeliner to dry for a moment. You do not need smudging.
  • Apply black crayon/pencil eyeliner from the outer corner of the lid to the centre wherever the pupil is. Do not build this line too thick. If you create a slip use a Q-tip in makeup remover or in ointment and gently take.
  • Apply white crayon/pencil eyeliner from the inner corner to the centre of the attention wherever the black make-up meets. If you mistakenly smear or combine the white eyeliner with the black, don’t fret.
  • Take a watch brush and dip first in white eye shadow and punctiliously brush over the white crayon with the apex. This the white eye pencil, do same for the black eye shadows however bear in mind less is best. Use a little black eye shadow once going over the crayon.
  • Now apply black mascara either simply on your prime or if you like on each you prime and bottom eyelashes. You bought yourself some pretty eyes.


  •   If you create a slip, use a Q-tip with ointment or makeup remover to get rid of minor mistakes.
  •   Strive mistreatment completely different color eyeliners and experiment with applying each liquid and pencil eyeliner and mascara too.
  •   Keep your makeup balanced. This tip is for gap the eyes and to concentrate on the eyes. Keep your lip colors and blushes balanced, unless you would like your eyes to dominate the planning.
  •  Never wear makeup to bed.
  •  Waterproof liquid eyeliner is nice if you recognize you’re progressing to get wet.