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Skin Abrasion Home Remedy | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Skin Abrasion Home Remedy | Beauty Tips - Homemade Beauty Tips

Skin Abrasion Home Remedy

Skin Abrasion Home Remedy, A damage in the upper layer of the skin is called skin abrasion. In this case, the epidermis or the upper dermal layer of the skin gets injured, resulting in slight bleeding. Though abrasion does not leave a scar on the skin, it leads to a lot of pain. Generally, skin abrasion results when the skin gets in contact with or scrapes against a rough surface. Some of the other causes of skin abrasion are sports injury, falling from a height, accident, trauma and bed sore. However, the condition is not serious and can be treated with natural remedies only. In the following lines, we have provided home remedies for curing skin abrasion.

Home Remedies

  • The best way to cure skin abrasion is to apply a few drops of lavender oil on the affected area.
  • Another remedy would be to dab the infected area with thyme tea.
  • A cup of water, infused with 3 to 5 drops of essential oil, is also beneficial in treating skin abrasion. Use it to wash the abrasion.
  • Crush marigold flowers and apply them over the affected area. This will prove to be an effective way to cure skin abrasion.
  • Another effective remedy would be to apply crushed Parsley leaves, crushed fresh plantain leaves or onion juice over the abrasion.
  • Witch hazel and lavender compresses (or poultice), used while bathing, prove beneficial in treating skinabrasion.
  • Proper diet is important in treating abrasions. Nutrient rich food is a must. One should also avoid alcohol, drugs and smoking.
  • Skin abrasions can be treated using dock leaves as a lotion. Apply tea made from sage or bruised geranium leaves on the affected area. It will prove effective in curing skin abrasion.